Another Planet Entertainment
with guests:
Trevor Hall

Bursting forth from their underground status, Groundation taking the music industry by storm. While capturing the essence and drive of true Roots Reggae, internationally renowned Groundation aims to take the art of genre-bending to new heights by blending elements of both Jazz/Funk fusion and transcendental Dub in their progressive amalgam of sound. Fans of Fusion music across the globe have taken note. It is fair to say that no other band today is playing music like Groundation currently does. Whether on their masterfully self-produced studio albums or in the midst of their now legendary live-performances, Groundation's sound is both without category and yet deeply familiar. Whether a fan of Jazz improvisation, the deep grooves of Funk and Dub or the challenging consciousness of Roots Reggae, Groundation offers whoever listens an access point for connecting to the music.

Venue: The Independent

Location: San Francisco, CA
Show Date: Thursday, November 1
Show Time: 9:00PM
On Sale Date: Friday, July 20
Ticket Price: $25
*plus applicable service fees

Tickets available at The Independent (628 Divisadero, SF) for no service charge.