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The Helio Sequence
with guests:

"Negotiations," the fifth full-length album written, recorded, and produced by The Helio Sequence, would sound different had it not been for a flood. In 2009, while touring in support of "Keep Your Eyes Ahead," singer-guitarist Brandon Summers got an unexpected phone call in the middle of the night. Back home in Portland, OR, the band's studio/practice space was under nearly a foot of water. Heavy rains had caused the building's plumbing to overflow like a geyser. But Summers and drummer-keyboardist, Benjamin Weikel, were lucky: All of their best equipment was either on tour with them, or racked high enough off the studio floor to be spared. Forcing them to find a new home, they found one that was bigger, schedule-free and they took advantage of that. As the new studio came together, so did the songwriting as well as the production and arrangements. In result, "Negotiations" is a collection of shimmering, reverb-heavy songs is a meditation on those inner dialogues with solitude, memory, misgivings, loss, atonement, acceptance and hope. Most of all, it's a record that serves as a testament to the beauty, blessing, and excitement of a fresh start.

Venue: The Independent

Location: San Francisco, CA
Show Date: Thursday, October 4
Show Time: 8:00PM
On Sale Date: Friday, July 13
Ticket Price: $18
*plus applicable service fees

Tickets available at The Independent (628 Divisadero, SF) for no service charge.