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Sioux City Kid
The Ferocious Few
with guests:

This seven-piece band is spearheaded by Jared Griffin, who writes all of Sioux City Kid's music. It began when Griffin spent late nights in a basement crafting tracks. Then, he began exploring music throughout the world, spending a great deal of time in London. But, he says, he always believed his home was in the Bay Area, so he returned. Griffin recruited local musicians, including a keyboardist, a trumpet player and a saxophonist - he says the keys and horns give the music a richer quality. Together, the band plays catchy Americana rock songs influenced by country, blues and British invasion music.

Four years ago two very young men put down a cheap low wattage amp and a cardboard drum kit onto a the corner at 16th & Mission, San Francisco, Ca and unleashed a sound that tore down the streets, bent over the hills, ran with the cables underneath the surface of the road and horrified the minds of anyone who heard it. They were called The Ferocious Few and the sound they had made would soon become a living legend, woven into the tapestry of SF sounds as much as the fog horns of the GG bridge or rattle of trams chunkering up & down the town. They have been pinned down long enough to hue a portion of their large self-written songbook onto wax. Like the tablets of great change that were passed before them in the days of antiquity, The Ferocious Few give you Juices, their debut LP, a solid body living visceral and viscous testament to their stunning heartfelt brutality.

Venue: The Independent

Location: San Francisco, CA
Show Date: Thursday, July 26
Show Time: 8:00PM
On Sale Date: Friday, June 22
Ticket Price: $15
*plus applicable service fees

Tickets available at The Independent (628 Divisadero, SF) for no service charge.